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Informal infographic depicting evolution 

Yay science!

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In Defense of Cntl Alt Delete


People on the Internet love to make fun of Cntl Alt Delete. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a shitty webcomic about VIDEO GAMES made by a shitty egomaniac. Beyond that, it’s also the platonic ideal of the bad starter circa 2000 Keenspace webcomic, as outlined in our seminal book

I realize that Agouti is just waggling his impotent arms in a pathetic plea for the attention he so desperately craves, but there are some golden nuggets of truth in this little post. 

Webcomic artists are catty, cliquish, backstabbing, fuckbags.  I mean, they’re humans, so what do you expect?  When I started CAD, Penny Arcade, PVP, and a host of other “gamer comics” were already well established.  People still read CAD without having to pass it off as something they did ironically.  Honestly, at its best, CAD is no worse than any other tripe people like me are barfing on to the internet, but somewhere along the way it became okay for CAD to be everybody’s slap magnet. Once the unspoken agreement was reached everyone started circling it like sharks.  All the shit they’d wanted to talk for years hemorrhaged out of the “community”.  The secret hate was finally freed and everybody chanted and danced. 

My understanding is that the dude really is a douche and the grievances of some were justified, but for most people he was just a face on the net with some stories behind it.  It didn’t matter if they were true, the mob just needed a target.  Humanity’s need to hate is something you can bank on.  The longer you make them keep it a secret the worse it is for the person it gets aimed at when someone gives the go ahead.  It seem like the fear of reprisal is the only thing that keeps people from tearing each others throats out most of the time. 

It’s like the cold war.  You don’t talk shit because if you do there’s a good chance your target will launch their missiles, then you have to launch yours, then everybody is fucking dead.  If you look at the people most likely to start shit you’ll notice one of two things. 

One, they have nothing to lose.  They don’t have any real fanbase to speak of, and only stand to gain attention by starting shit.  They are the North Koreas of webcomics.  They prance around, waving their sabers, hoping against hope that sempai will notice them.  All they really want is to be the people they hate.  If the roles were reversed their régime would be just as terrible.

On the other side you have the people with power.  They think that nothing they say, or do, can ever really harm them.  Their friends will back them and, more importantly, their fans will back them.  They are the United States of webcomics.  The Penny Arcade guys, Scott Kurtz, ect…  They are, for all intents and purposes, untouchable.  Don’t believe me?  Look up the dickwolves thing, or any of the other ridiculous shit Penney Arcade has gotten away with despite tons of internet outrage.  They are untouchable as long as hey don’t openly sacrifice a baby to Satan and, if we’re honest, they could probably spin that in their favor too. 

Everybody else are the countries Americans don’t know, or care, about.  We sit around, quietly begging for scraps, and waiting for a call to arms.  Maybe if we help take down some common foe we’ll be allowed to sit at the big table next Thanksgiving. We won’t because that’s not how power works, but we keep holding on to the dream. 

Of course there’s also he fact that sometimes you can hate everything a person creates and still think they are a good person at heart.  For me that person is the guy who makes Wapsi Sqaure.  Over the years I’ve gone from casual fan to just shy of nemesis.  I never say shit though because he’s so goddamn pleasant when you talk to him.  Eventually, you get to a point where you convince yourself that maybe the problem is with you, since so many people love what you hate so vehemently.  I honestly don’t know anymore. 

I do know that if you get on the wrong side of some people they WILL try to destroy you, and it’s not a fun place to be when it’s just you versus a bunch of other creators. 

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A Democratic Missouri state senator representing parts of Ferguson who tweeted multiple times “fuck you,” at Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon defended her choice of words on Fox News Monday saying she did so because she was tear-gassed for three days.

“The reason why I used profane language is because he has allowed us to get tear-gassed for three days,” Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal said. “I am one of his senators in his party and he was at the state fair enjoying a country concert while we were getting teargassed and shot at. And yes, anyone who’s going to get teargassed deserves to say a few ‘F’ bombs here and there.”

“I represent my constituents, not Gov. Nixon,” the senator said. “He has been absent from the minority community his entire career and only comes before us when it is politically expedient for him. Or when he’s running for office, and because he has been outside of this community…let me tell you this, and this is important for your audience to know. He has still yet to come to ground zero. Yet to come to ground zero. He’s been in Florissant, he’s been in Normandy, but he has not spoken to the victims of the crisis we are dealing with and that is why I have called him a coward.”


real shit

run for president

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This woman needs our support!!

Seriously fuck that guy.

That’s some serious senatoring right there.  Fuck that guy indeed.

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